The London Crafter's Christmas Fair

London Local team member Tola Williams (founder of Vivula) has written a guest blog post for London Local about her experience selling on Etsy and organising a Christmas Fayre (which is no mean feat!). You can find lots of London Local team members at the fayreon 28th November at St Stephens Church, W2 5QT. Head down to find beautiful handmade goods perfect for Christmas gifts!

Hi everyone! My name’s Tola and I’m a member of the London Local etsy team. At the moment i’m in the process of organising an Advent Craft Fair on the 28th of November at St. Stephen’s Church and I have to say it has been a really enjoyable experience so far.  I’ve been toying with the idea for quite a while and have finally plucked up the courage to go ahead and do it!

The thing is that I really, really enjoy creating things. I say ‘creating’ and not ‘making’ because from the moment an idea pops into my head to when I ‘make’ it, for me is the where that ‘creation’ lies.

I began to sell on Etsy as a way of making my hobby self sustaining. So, I just uploaded my creations and let them do themselves justice, with no real marketing of any sort; I was kind of operating on a ‘if you make lovely things, they will buy them’ basis. Well, as I’m sure you are all aware, marketing is the key to getting people into your shop and then, hopefully, they will buy. I sold bits here and there, and as I worked part-time, I really did not bother too much about how much I was(n’t) making and the fact that someone out there liked my creations enough to buy them, was enough for me.

Sometime in late 2014, I began to re-evaluate this thinking process due to my increasing confidence, self worth, and faith in my designs, and I wanted to see how I could turn this hobby into a viable income stream. After a little research about the other services for sellers that Etsy had to offer I found out about etsy teams but most were either inactive or just served as a platform for advertising team members’ products. But, in early 2015, I found a team that seemed to be active and wanted to grow, it was led by the lovely Emma Barnes of Wild Fawn Jewellery, I asked to join and, much to my delight, I was accepted ! So, off I went to the meet-up, and it was reassuring to meet other creatives who understood the ‘struggle’ of selling. This little group merged with two other London groups lead respectively by Melodie Telliez (SlinkyLinks Jewelley) and Becky Lupton (PJMamma), to make the London Local Team with now over 550 members and counting.

Most of the Crafters participating in the Advent Craft Fayre are part of the London Local Team. Earlier on in this blog I mentioned what a pleasant experience this has been; there really is a team spirit and a sense of camaraderie.  If you look at the photos of their creations you can see for yourself the amazing talents they all possess.


A. Devasher








The Katies





Pluck’s designs


Only Sonum


Olive Road


Naomi Tracz



Mont Papier


Lina Silver Linings






Jinny Designs



Green Mystique


Dreyer Draws




A. Sims


Mary Colver








One of the things I wanted to achieve with this Fayre, is to create a place for other creatives who may be struggling to find a place to sell their goods in person; it can be quite daunting if you have never done this before, so I offered places on a first-come-first-served basis and have not curated the selection. All being well,  I hope to make this an annual event!

Come and visit us all and say hello on the 28th of November, from 12-4pm at St. Stephen’s Church, Westbourne Park Rd. W2 5QT.

Tola x