Simplicity through minimalism on Etsy

Hi everyone, my name’s Pooja and I’m a member of the London Local Team! You’ll find me here every month curating a post around a particular theme. This month’s theme is Minimalism.

Minimalism, is often a word used to describe or emphasise the extreme simplification of form. It can be used in a wide range as seen on Etsy: Jewellery, Prints, Homeware etc.

Minimalism through Jewellery: 

Sometimes jewellery doesn’t make a statement if you add too many diamonds, or beads to it. Sometimes it can just be the simplest form, a simple shape and it can still make a bold statement. Some of the shops on Etsy I believe that carry out this so great are:

Wild Fawn Jewellery: 

Wild Fawn Jewellery – Statement Sterling Silver Ring | Arrow Ring | Eco friendly jewellery

Purana Jewellery

Wish Sterling Silver Necklace 925, Dandelion Pendant Necklace, Sterling Silver Jewellery

Naomi Tracz Jewellery

Earrings gold plated marquise shaped earrings, stud earrings.


Monogram Cufflinks, Monogrammed Cufflinks, Personalised cufflinks, Custom Cufflinks, Initials, Groom Gift. 

I adore these by the way, simple and aesthetic and you might want to take a look if you’re planning a wedding soon. PS- its wedding season coming up soon! Hurray!


Silver Swirl Ring – Silver Moonstone Ring, Rainbow Moonstone Ring, Swirl Ring

If you really like stones, and love to wear them. Mary Colyer has a beautiful ring in her shop, which I really love and the design is simple, minimal but so outstanding it would actually make a great gift to anyone so dear to you!

Minimalism through Prints:

I prefer to go with geometric, shapes, city prints or even just lino prints. They look good on a bare wall, and I would prefer to put them up on a wall such as the hallway, kitchen, living room and the bedroom (but maybe a photo in the bedroom – well everyone has a different preference!)

My picks of good prints from a couple of shops are:

Made by Aiza

Monochrome ombre stacked semicircle geometric print – abstract home decor – black and white wall art – circle art – circle poster

I see this in my Kitchen, or your kitchen – or really anyones kitchen. It reminds me of how my bowls look when stacked together in the cupboard. The print is abstract, but really its defined in such a way that makes it stand out!

Eye for London Prints

Stokey Black: Prints of London Streets

City prints are often really nice, and sometimes you want your house to look a bit graphic-al style! This would go perfect on top of a fireplace!

Threaded by Pooja

Watercolour Space Nebula painting, Modern Art, Home decor, Minimalism, Space Painting, Gift for Scientists.

If you’re looking for a painting, that fits in with modern rustic furniture/home theme this painting of golden stardust and pink nebula will fit in and you’ll be star gazing within a few minutes. Its an original painting, and hasn’t been printed over and over again!


Botanical Leaves Paperart Giclee A5 Print Wall Art

Minimalism through homeware:

Right, so homeware is my weakness. Believe it or not. I actually melt when I am taken into IKEA, and I really just want to buy everything. Scandinavian elements are really in, and although it may be patterns, but even those patters will make your house look neutral, but also like you have a design factor in your house. (I really can’t describe it, no its not a wow factor – because its not bling bling) – So heres my favourite picks from the shops!


Scandinavian patterned blue floor runner



Jute Crocheted Bowl Plant Pot Holder, Crochet Storage Basket, Trinket Holder Primitive Natural Decor.

Anything for jute! Its such a natural organic textile and can really blend in anywhere, if you have bare white walls, and really want to add greenery, but you don’t like your mini pots because they are bright – I would say buy this crocheted jute bowl plant holder!

Jinny Ngui Design

Twig Bone China Espresso Cup and Saucer Set


These would go well in a kitchen that has a rustic look, probably reclaimed wood furniture and also very much country like! Beautiful set!

Minimalism through Fashion:

Minimalism through Fashion, is quite subtle but yet even simple cuts and forms or embroidery/prints can really make a bold statement. Some picks of these are:


Hand Embroidered Cow Parsley Brooch Button in silver purple white. 

Susie London UK

Gold Pineapple T-Shirt in Dark Grey Organic Cotton – 60s 70’s Retro Festival summer tropical fruit screen print bling top by Suzie London

Im going to say it, Im in love with this top. I love pineapples. I love how it carries itself, and the simple illustration of the pineapple. Not too many colours, just a one colour print. Thats minimalistic!

So these are a couple of products that display simplicity through minimalism. Sometimes its always better to be very simple, and that can really make your product stand out, be unique. I know its hard, but have a think about it!

Etsy is growing rapidly, and each day there are many people who join to sell their handmade goods. It makes me wonder, what if every highstreet out there, just consisted of Etsy shops? Would it be better to shop local? Or would it be better to to shop mass produced, factory produced? Even then, the smallest details, the thought and the story goes into how that product was made and its becoming more and more stronger in the market. We just need to push harder for people to buy handmade!

 Pooja x

About Pooja

I hand make handbags and small things – usually seasonal based! I love to illustrate, sew and travel to get more inspiration! Im part of the London Local team too, and I stay in East London. Im new to Etsy, but I do spend quite a bit of my time on it figuring hard at the SEO and tags, and perfect photography! Around every month or so, I will be picking a theme, and will be creating a blog post for all of you to read, inspire and this will be to also to help you figure out different things of Etsy, e.g. what other product lines you can make for your Etsy shop based on the themes I pick.

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