DIY Halloween Sugar Skull Mask by Utensils0

This week, London Local team member Hannah has written our guest blog post. Hannah is Founder of Utensils0. She specialises in paper art and illustration and in fitting with this, has made a DIY blog post to show how you can make your very own halloween mask!

You will need:

Printed Templates

White, Red and Black Card

Scissors (or a scalpel if you’re used to it)


Masking Tape or Blu Tack 

Elastic or a Ribbon

Using masking tape to hold your templates in place, cut the mask shape out of your white card stock, make a hole in the middle of the eyes to get you started cutting out the eyes, and make a small hole in either side ready for your elastic or ribbon.

I’ve grouped the templates into red and black shapes but feel free to mix them up to whatever colours you like.

One is for spider’s web, this is done the same way you would do a snowflake, take a square of paper about 8cm x 8cm. Fold in half to create a triangle, unfold and do the same the otherway. Take one of the folded corners and and bring it up to fold at an angle, do the same with the other corner to overlap them. Now using the template cut the shape out with the tip matching the tip of your folded card. Once finished unfold and cut away a section to use on the mask for the forehead.

The black shapes are for the shape around the eyes and the nose, cut these out and glue them in place.

For the red shapes; cut around the lips and scalloped eye holes, making a hole in the middle again to start you off cutting the middle, glue them onto the mask. 

The flowers are the simplest paper flowers you can but so pretty! Starting with the thin end roll it up the larger end is for the base. Make sure you’re happy with the shape and then glue the paper as you go rolling it up. These can be stuck on either side of the mask or bunched up together to form an arrangement.

With all the decoration done you can now add either elastic or some ribbon through the holes on either side of the mask and you’re ready for a spooky Halloween! 

I’d love to see your final masks! Share them with us all with the hashtag #LondonLocalHalloween #utensils0Halloween (That’s the number 0 ;p)

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