Do you know what the ‘Just a Card’ campaign is yet?

This weeks blog post has been written by team member Kaylene Alder Illustration who is an active member of the ‘Just a Card’ campaign. We got chatting about it at a team meet up and agreed that it would be a great idea to explain what it is to the team and how we can all benefit from it!

Ahoy fellow LoLo Team members. I hope this finds you well and not too deep in the mire of Xmas market applications! Christmas in June – what funny lives we lead!

I am blogging it up to give you some info about the ‘Just a Card’ campaign and to encourage all of you to get on board.  I’ve met some of you at meet ups and at markets and if you’ve seen me lately, you’ve no doubt listened to me sing the praises of the Just a Card campaign.

The campaign started when super talented artist and designer Sarah Hamilton saw the quote “If everyone who’d complimented our beautiful gallery had bought ‘just a card’ we’d still be open” by store keepers who’d recently closed their gallery.  Sarah is not a lady to stand idly by and decided enough was enough.   She began a campaign to raise awareness and to encourage people to make even small purchases from independent artists, designers, shops and galleries.

The message (and also the hashtag) is that every sale counts when you are a small business.  This is something that as makers we know all too well, but something that shoppers don’t always realise.  That person who bought something small from you at the end of a slow sales day may not ever know that it gave you the confidence to try again.  The little purchases all add up – a day of selling just cards is still a day of selling!

As a print maker and freelance illustrator, I know that no purchase or job is too small.  I got involved with the campaign after Sarah put out a call for volunteer  helpers on Twitter where I was spending a lot of time up at 3am, having just had a baby. Amazingly, such is the popularity of the campaign, over fifty of us from all over the country answered the call. Filtering it down to a manageable group with a diverse range of skills, there are now seven of us helping Sarah to build on her brilliant work with the campaign by encouraging anyone who will listen to talk, tweet and Instagram about it.  Getting the message to makers is only part of the battle – our customers need to know how much they mean to us – that their support keeps us going – keeps our high streets from all being the same!

So what can you do?

Tweet! Retweet! Tweet some more!

Print out the beautifully designed posters and fliers from the website and display them at markets or wherever you show your work.

Put the logo on an Instagram pic or on your website or both! 

Talk to your customers and fellow makers about the campaign – I’ve been doing this a lot and I’ve met some lovely people and definitely made some sales I might not have otherwise.

Remember, the ‘card’ part of the Just a Card campaign is representative of any small purchase.  It would have been a long twitter handle if it had been called @justacard,badge,button,ring,hat,candle etc.

There is also a tremendous blog on the Just a Card site written by Kate Marsden (she of Made by Mrs. M) all about makers, independent shops and galleries across the land. It is brilliantly written and definitely worth a read.

I shall leave you with some enticing pictures of some of the amazing shops, galleries and makers that Kate has featured on the blog.

Kate Osman Instagram Image

Kate Osman Instagram Image

Jane Reeves Instagram Image

Jane Reeves Instagram Image

Kathy Hutton Instagram

Kathy Hutton Instagram

If you want to know more about the campaign, have a look on the website or feel free to get in touch with me directly via emailinstatwitter – all the usual media.

Hopefully June will soon be looking more like summer and I shall see you all in some sunny beer garden at a meet up sometime soon.