Selling face to face – Top tips from Lizzy Chambers

Hello! I’m Lizzy from Lizzy Chambers and I’m one of the team members of London Local. I run my own nature inspired jewellery company full time and have sold from small table top events to large stands with 100, 000+ attendees. Over the last few years I have worked in a designer makers shop and before that I worked at other companies selling and organising Weddings to business events.

I would love to share with you my top 3 tips for selling face to face at events that over the years I have perfected and watched other people do! (As you can do a lot of watching at events too.)


1. Presentation

Of your stall – make your stall eye catching, use height and build props. Can you give your product a purpose (like at a photoshoot, use props) give your customers the image of what it would be like in their lives. E.g a picture in a frame, flowers in a vase…Give your customer the I wants!

Of yourself. – think about how you look, give yourself confidence, wear nice clothes, think about your clients and how they see you. Dress for the “office” as you are going to work! – (just not at your desk, potter’s wheel or welding table)

If you don’t care what you look like it gives the customers the feeling that you don’t care about your product (and you do! As you love what you do!)

2. Behaviours

These are the do’s and do NOT’s of events:

Standing v’s sitting – always stand unless you need a break, you are more open to your customers and won’t loose eye contact when you go from sitting to standing.

The Use of mobile phones – avoid being on your phone as customers don’t like to interrupt you. Use Hootsuit or Buffer to look after your social media for the day.

Swearing and moaning at events – don’t do it! Even if you are having a really terrible day, someone is always listening and it can change the mood of the event and the customers mood to spend or not to spend!

Talking to your neighbour – its great to make new contacts and someone to look after your stall whilst you pop off for a comfort break but remember you are at the “office” and you need to work too. Think about what your boss would say if you were talking too much to your friends.

Smile – do this lots (don’t look grumpy) and have fun!

3. Drawing in your customers

Always SMILE.

Say hello to everyone that comes to your stall.

If you are in a touristy place you can ask them “how are you doing?” – this allows you to gauge each customer and discover their language and allows you to adapt yours by using simple words or body language.

Whilst you customer is at the stall and they are picking up the products give them information about it, feed in the details and your story of who you are.

When talking about your products be excited, use descriptive words, colour, pattern, texture, detail, inject your knowledge and give them something to talk about when they share it with their friends and family.

At this point with the customer in front of you 10% is your product and the rest is all about you, so make sure you tell your story!

Make sure that you go with a positive attitude, use social media and invite your clients don’t just rely on the event organisers. Don’t forget to give out business cards and flyers and try to collect e-mails for your newsletter. Remember that if you don’t get sales on the day you might still get sales after the event.

Selling is an art and you need time to get used to it like all the other skills that you have learnt over the years of being a designer.

  • Be passionate
  • Be yourself

And after a few events you will have your own style and bags of confidence to go with it! Good luck!

Lizzy selling at the  Crafty Fox  Spring Market, photo by  Martha Loves

Lizzy selling at the Crafty Fox Spring Market, photo by Martha Loves

About Lizzy

I create keepsake jewellery inspired by nature. I have a passion for colour and growing beautiful natural things.  My current botanical range encapsulates petals in glass jewellery, with a hint of nostalgia and fairy tales added for that magical feeling.

I have been on Etsy for over 5 years and my photos have been a very important part of getting it right on Etsy. But it is always good to get out there at events to find out which new products work, as well as which ones people all pick up, as this is a good indicator for other events.

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