Friday Feature - 29.06.18

As part of our Meet the Maker series on our blog, we have created the Friday Feature. On the last Friday of each month we will feature a team member and their Etsy shop, to give you a quick glance behind the scenes and discover more about our diverse team members.


Friday 29 June, 2018 - Kalicat Jewellery

Name: Catherine Marche

Location: Hatton Garden, Central London

Etsy Shop: Kalicat



I come from Paris, moved to London many years ago for love. Now a mother of two, I am a full time goldsmith. As a Parisienne true to French effortless stylish elegance, I design and make fine jewellery characterised by its chic and elegance. My bespoke and limited edition jewels are made in 18K gold or sterling silver, with diamonds, gemstones and pearls. I believe every woman deserves to look stunning and spoilt with beautiful and playful jewellery that will enhance their inner beauty, be a statement of the mood of the moment and be kept as a future heirloom. I enjoy designing bespoke jewellery pieces with the person who will wear then in mind. I hope they will feel amazing and gorgeously empowered when wearing their new jewellery. My collections include engagement and wedding rings, rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings and bracelets, and a range of rings and cufflinks for men too. I like experimenting with ancient and modern techniques, like granulation and photo etching, a process borrowed to electronics printed circuit boards. My Volutes bangles are showcased in the new encyclopaedia of jewellery techniques to illustrate photo etching. 

I love travelling and discovering new places and new cultures. I also like fashion, playing the saxophone, white water rafting, skiing, waterski, gemstones shopping, baking. The list could go on and on.

Baroque pearls and 18K gold earrings, as seen in Vogue © Catherine Marche

Baroque pearls and 18K gold earrings, as seen in Vogue © Catherine Marche


After the birth of my children, I realised I would not be able to see them grow if working in IT as I used to, so decided to change to a freelance career where I will be able to tailor my working hours to family life while doing something I like. I always had a passion for jewellery and in fact commissioned my first jewel when I was nine years old, when my mother took my to meet an artisan who made me a wonderful pendant. I got started on Etsy in 2007, a few weeks after I enrolled in my first "jewellery at the bench" class in Central Saint Martins. It was a much smaller community then and I even got the chance to meet Etsy's founder when he came to London. I love the fact that Etsy allows me to connect with handcrafted jewellery lovers all around the world. Getting one of my jewellery pieces to fly around the world to a new customer is such a thrill. I am always flattered that my clients love my jewellery enough from a photo to want to wear and cherish it. It is such a honour that something I create is part of a story and has sentimental value to others. I like the forums which burst with helpful advice. I even get addresses of things to do and places to see when I travel, which help making the experience less touristy.



My design/making process depends on the piece I am creating. I can get inspired by the gemstone, by a song, a word, a colour. I enjoy the experimental touch and go and sometimes just dig into the making head on. When working on a bespoke commission, I will explore several ideas in my sketchbook (and sometimes bits of envelope) as it is important I get a clear idea of what my client would like before being able to estimate how long it will take to make, the materials and costs involved.

18K gold stacking rings with diamonds

18K gold stacking rings with diamonds


Freedom is most definitely what I enjoy the most. Being able to decide in which direction I want to take my business. Not having to follow the diktats of fashion, but setting my own trends instead. Tailoring my days and schedule according to my workload and family life. It is a great advantage to be able to have a dedicated platform to sell my creations from tailored for people who value creativity and originality.



I joined the team a few months ago for collaborations, sharing advice, organising or taking part in events and opportunities. Working as a jeweller can be quite solitary at times and I enjoy the company of other creatives, and being able to exchange feedback, support and creative ideas. The team also has meet up events where you can interact with many talented individuals. Thank you!


To find out more about Catherine follow her on social media:

Facebook: Catherine Marche Jewellery

Twitter: @catherinemarche

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