Alternative things to do in London: Crafty Valentine's event + freebie origami how-to

Hello! Team leader, Shoshy from Shoshy Cadoodle® here, bringing you the scoop on how our latest London Pop Up event went.

This weekend, we hosted our first Valentine’s Pop Up event. Speed crafting with cocktails at a beautiful little café called Nanna’s in Islington, North London.

Nanna’s is everything you’d want out of a local café. Chilled out, free wifi, delicious coffee, amazing food and beautiful décor with a subtle 70s vibe. 

Each ticket we sold came with a rhubarb cocktail, but Nanna’s has heaps of choice with a well stocked bar and an emphasis on supporting local suppliers. The perfect choice of venue for our team – we’re all about celebrating local makers and designers!

When a fresh victoria sponge cake with mixed berry jam emerged from the kitchen, we couldn’t turn it down and we haven’t stopped dreaming about it ever since… [sigh!]

YouTuber, Sandy, from Sandy Makes Sense, paid us a visit to get her craft on! She vlogs about what it’s like to be a German living in the UK and loves to discover new things to do and see in London. (Subscribe to her channel for regular updates!)

The team curated a special craft corner specifically for the event with handmade and designed goodies by members of the London Local team. To see the full collection on Etsy, have a look at the treasury curated by Saffie Pluck from Pluck’d Designs and Melodie from SlinkyLinks Jewellery.

The collection included Made By AizaJinny Ngui DesignMelissa Re Crochet and many more local designer/makers.

Because who doesn’t need a cat in a beret on their mug? By The Kat & Monocle

Leather cufflinks by SlinkyLinks Jewellery.

Eco Friendly silver jewellery by Wild Fawn Jewellery

We kicked off the night with blindfolds made by the talented Mumpreneur; our very own, Becky Lupton, founder of PJ Mamma.

The first challenge was to draw, blindfolded, the animal that would enjoy Valentine’s Day the most.

Imaginations ran wild with swans, rabbits, whales, you name it. This unicorn stole our hearts, though. I mean, he brought us balloons – come on, what a gentleman!

The next challenge was study the person you were sitting next to for just 10 seconds, and then speed draw them, blindfolded. Easy!

Well, all of our resident artists made it look easy, anyway!

We moved on to origami heart making, with instructions created by Aiza, one of our team leaders. 

When she’s not helping out the team, Aiza is also a graphic designer and specialises in making art and typography prints for the home.

Some attendees blew us away, venturing off the instruction sheet, creating a plethora of origami pieces, including swans and penguins… perhaps next time we’ll step it up a notch and challenge them to blindfolded origami?!

Wow, look at those amazing origami creations! The “advanced” table!

Poetry was next, and we quickly found out we were amongst several budding poets in the room.

The task was to create your own unique poem by mixing and matching lines of poetry.

Some poets were particularly brave and shared their poems with all of us.

The final activity was run by one of our talented team members, Hannah, who is a paper artist and illustrator.

She guided us through paper flower making.

It looked tricky, but everyone managed to make the most magnificent flowers!

Our Valentine’s pop up speed crafting with cocktails event turned out to be fantastic fun, with lots of laughs along the way.

That’s me on the right with my wife who came to support us!

Thank you to everyone who came along.

Special thanks to Nanna’s for hosting us, all our captains, leaders and team members who made this Valentine’s weekend one to remember!

We look forward to our next pop up event! We’re always keen to hear ideas from the people who come to our events or might be interested in attending in the future, so leave us a comment below to let us know what you’d like to see us do next time.

If you’d like to see in more detail any of our local designer/maker’s items that were showcased at the event, I’ve put together this handy little list of links of where to buy them online:

Let’s Do Something Wonderful Today by Super Duper Things

Lavender Crochet Eye Pillow by Melissa Re Handmade

Chick’n Love Card by Shoshy Cadoodle

Cat in a Beret Mug by The Kat and Monocle

Headband by Pluck’d Designs

Ceramic planter by Kabin Shop

Minimalist Necklace by Wild Fawn Jewellery

Cufflinks by SlinkyLinks Jewellery

Papercut card by Utensils0

Knitted tie by vKnit

Matching baby and mum PJs by PJ Mamma

Heart print by Made By Aiza

Silk Scarves by Arati Devasher

Tomato Tea Towel by Hokolo

Braided headband by JanuarK

Cheeky pillow cases by Twisted Twee Ltd

Stay tuned, because there may be a video of the Valentine’s Speed Crafting Event coming soon… plus there’s still a few days left to enter the instagram competition to win a London Local Mystery Goody bag. To enter, post a photo of the event on instagram and tag @londonlocalteam and hashtag #londonlocalteam Good luck!

Lots of heart eye emojis from,

Shoshana Bratton

Team leader + Shoshy Cadoodle® founder.

P.S. Aiza, has kindly contributed her origami instructions as a freebie in this post so you can make as many of those adorable heart shapes as your heart desires! You can download the origami instructions by clicking the link: Origami Heart Instructions by Made By Aiza